Unleash the Highest Version of YOU

" A speech should not just be a sharing of information, but a sharing of yourself."
~Ralph Archbold

Would you like to book Patricia, BestMeBestLife™ Strategist, for your next event?

Patricia is a highly motivated and passionate speaker, who will ignite your audience to start their BestMeBestLife™ journey.  Patricia believes in being transparent, with her audience, which is why she infuse her own life experiences, in her speech.  She strongly believes that it is never too late to make your dreams a reality, which she started her own BestMeBestLife™ journey in her early forties.

As women, we are constantly putting ourselves last on the priority list, and deferring our happiness until we just give up, and settle for the status quo and a life of mediocrity.  A life that we were not meant to live.  A life where we are just surviving and not thriving.

When you unleash the highest version of YOU, then you become clear about who you are, your purpose and your best life, and you can get busy walking in your purpose, creating your best life and making a positive impact in this world.

Signature Talk: Unleash You™


  • old hurts/pains by forgiving others and yourself
  • negativing thinking/words/actions which  keeps you stuck
  • letting go of the past including the good ole days/times (our best days are ahead of us)


  •  mindset
  • address/change beliefs (limiting/negative)
  • instill new, positive beliefs
  • harness the power of your subconscious mind
  • stop falling for the shinys (look good but not good for you)
  • more in tuned with your inner spirit and connection with the Creator


  • gain clarity - what do you want and why; how do you want to show up in life; what impact do you want to make
  • truly start to live and be You - mask removed and no longer settle
  • alignment with your higher purpose in life
  • be intentional
  • utilize your gifts, talents, knowledge and skill to help serve others
  • create the lifestyle you desire
  • making your dream a reality


  • connect with other success-minded people
  • your network (personal & professional), which helps expand your worth and allow you to do more good & make an even greater impact
  • fear is no longer a factor
  • work which you love and makes a positive impact in the lives of others
  • no longer hiding but letting You SHINE



To book Patricia for your next event or request additional information, please email support@journeytobestme.com.