Woman Emerge Bundle

Woman Emerge™ Bundle


Introducing the Woman Emerge™ Bundle


For the woman who is ready to Walk in Her Power & Purpose, release the life she has settled for and get on track with creating the life she truly desires.

You know in your heart that you are meant to do so much MORE, and that there is MORE to life than what you have experienced thus far.  Guess what? You are absolutely correct and the MORE is waiting on you.

You are finally ready to let go of overwhelm, frustration, mediocre life and get busy Showing Up, as your Beautiful, Bold & Fabulous self, and making the positive impact you desire to make in this world. Create your Extraordinary Life and leave a great legacy for future generations.


  • Waking up excited about each day because you have clarity on your Life's Vision

  • Clear roadmap and action plan for your next best steps

  • Feel lighter, happier and more confident in yourself and your abilities

  • Having the tools to help you harness the POWER of your mind, so that it works for you and not against you, in Creating the Life You Desire

  • Having support, guidance and accountability to help make your Vision a Reality

Woman Emerge™ Bundle


The Woman Emerge™ Bundle provides you with the tools, tips, strategies, support and mentoring to help you EMERGE from the life you have settled for, but really don't want.

I know it can be very scary to Step Out of your comfort zone and pursue your DREAM, but the good news is you don't have to do it alone.  Earlier in my journey, I made the mistake of thinking that I could do it all on my own, but boy was I wrong.  I wasted precious time and money struggling on this little island I put myself on.

As a Mindset and Purpose Coach, Patricia empowers women to heal her soul inorder to Unleash Her, Walk in Her Power & Purpose and Create Her Extraordinary Life by design.



Woman Emerge™ Bundle


Unleash You | Walk in Your Power & Purpose ToolKit

30ToLife™ - Self-paced personal transformation guide which helps you Break Free from your          self-imposed prison, gain clarity on your Life's Vision and map out your Extraordinary Life

Signed copy of my book: Unleash Your Highest You | 4 Key Pillars to Be Your Best Self &              Live Your Best Life

Goal Achiever Weekly Planner - It puts the fun back into Goal Setting & Achieving. Includes          accompanying audio, which is filled with tips to help you uplevel your accountability &                    SUCCESS

 2 - 1 Hour Coaching Sessions




  • 30 days of email support (Valued at $300)

  • Access to the Inner Circle filled with awesome women who have decided to take ownership of her life and EMERGE as well (Priceless)

Woman Emerge™ Bundle