Unleash You™

Unleash You™  

10 week Group Coaching Program


 Next Session Launches Later This Year


I know you are a woman who desires more for her life.  You know how I know, because so do I.   Deep down we all do.

There is this deep desire that has been inside you (all of us for that matter) since you were born, but for various reasons you haven't heeded the call and unleashed YOU.  Well, NOW is the time.

For years, I ignored my deepest desire and/or pushed it down because of fear, comfort and various other reasons.  Is this where you're at right now?

But the day came when I just couldn't do it any more.  My happiness (a purposeful & fulfilled life) was at stake.  Finally, I unleashed me and started my BestMeBestLife™ journey, which doesn't end until my time is up on this earth.

A journey where I knew I needed to go within first, before I could ever accomplish/sustain anything external.  I amped up my investment into my personal development, which is key.  Investing in me caused several things to happen in my life:


  • old hurts/pains by forgiving others and myself
  • negativing thinking/words/actions which was keeping me stuck
  • what was - what I considered the good ole days/times (mine as well as your best days are ahead of us)


  • my mindset
  • address/change beliefs (limiting/negative) which I've had since childhood
  • instill new, positive beliefs
  • harness the power of my subconscious mind
  • stop falling for the shinys (look good but not good for me)
  • more in tuned with my inner spirit and connection with the Creator


  • gain clarity - what I want and why; how I want to show up in life; what impact I want to make
  • truly start to live and be me - mask removed and no longer settle
  • alignment with my higher purpose in life
  • be intentional
  • utilize my gifts, talents, knowledge and skill to help serve others
  • create a lifestyle I desire
  • dream turned into reality of having my own business


  • connect with other success-minded people
  • my network (personal & professional), which helps expand my net worth and allow me to do more good & make an even greater impact
  • fear is no longer a factor
  • work which I love and makes a positive impact in the lives of others
  • no longer hiding but letting me SHINE

I unleashed me and I want to help you do the same thing.  I know you can and I believe in you.  NOW it's time YOU believe in YOU and start Living on Purpose, Maximizing Your Life.



If you are ready:

  • To walk into your Beautiful New Life
  • Move beyond fear
  • Stop feeling frustrated, unsupported, overwhelmed, confused and/or lost
  • Overcome barriers & say goodbye to limiting beliefs
  • Live a happy & fulfilled life
  • Stop running on autopilot & start being intentional about turning your dream into reality
  • Live on Purpose, Maximize Your Life

NOW Is Your Time!!

You are here for a reason, don't continue to put your dreams on hold.



  Unleash You™

Living on Purpose, Maximizing Your Life






MODULE 1/WEEK 1: Release

All about identifying and letting go of things and/or people which no longer serves you.

MODULE 2/WEEK 2: Clarity

Let's get clear on what YOU really want and why.  How you want to show up in life each day.  We will create a roadmap which will help you get from where you are to where you desire to be.

MODULE 3 & 4/WEEK 3 & 4: Shift

All about mastering your mind and harnessing the power of the subconscious mind (which is the driver).   We will create a daily routine which will help with mindset mastery and get you in tuned, with your inner spirit and open to receive and act on inspired action. Shift is all about starting within which is where success starts.

MODULE 5/WEEK 5: Live - Your Plan

It's now time to create plans from your roadmap.  This is high and detail level plans in order to start taking action and remove guess work.



MODULE 6/WEEK 6: Live - Take Action

Start taking action on your plan and incorporate inspired action as well.

MODULE 7/WEEK 7: Live - Be Intentional

Not only will you continue to take action but you will be intentional about it.  Define structure, systems and/or processes which helps you stay focused on your goals.

MODULE 8/WEEK 8: Expand - Accountability & Growth

Keep your momentum going by setting up an accountability system and continued investment in your growth.

MODULE 9 & 10/WEEK 9 & 10: Unleashed

We put it all together and customize as well.  I want you to walk away UNLEASHED and part of making that happen is customization.

This is to address any needs that arise as you unleash over the prior weeks.  I will be interacting with you on a regular basis, in our private group in order to see if there is something you need more of, then create the best solution to address those needs.



It's time to start Believing in You, Recognize and Harness Your Divine POWER to CREATE & LIVE the LIFE YOU DESIRE.



BONUS #1: 

Email access to Patricia during the program and 4 additional weeks after program ends. (value $1050).

BONUS #2: 

Access to highly, engaged private FB group, with women just like yourself, who made a decision to Unleash HER and start Living on Purpose, Maximizing Her Life. Together, we create a community of sisterhood and support, which is invaluable, and allows you the  opportunity to learn from each other, network and build relationships. (Priceless)


Signed copy of my book: Unleash Your HighestYou™ | 4 Key Pillars To Best Your Best Self & Live Your Best Life. (value $value 30)