Unstuck To On Track Intensive

VIP Intensive Session




If you are serious about getting a breakthrough in any area of your life so that you can Create Your Extraordinary Life, it may be time to invest in a deep, intensive coaching and mentoring session with Patricia.

The Unstuck To On-Track Intensive provides the opportunity to deep dive in order to get unstuck and gain clarity in any key area of your life.  An area where know that if you can get out of a rut and gain traction, other areas of your life will be impacted in a positive way, as well.

A sampling of topics/areas to discuss during your session:

--> Gain clarity in your key area(s) and/or overall Life's Vision

--> Identify blocks, barriers and/or limiting beliefs that has kept you stuck

--> Define/transform your money story and increase your wealth conscious

--> Identify your next best steps

--> Map out a 90 Day action plan which you can implement with ease

--> Increase confidence in yourself and your abilities

--> ...And so much more. This is your time which you can customize it however you like

VIP Intensive Session

In addition to gaining clarity, next best steps, 90 Day action plan, increased confidence, your session includes:


4-Hour Private Video Session

Detailed Welcome Packet which includes detailed questions concerning         key areas of your life and outcome you desire for each area. This allows         you to get the maximum benefit from your session and not waste time on       the basics.

Detailed action plan to manifest your desired results

 Access to worksheets, additional resources and session recording

Post session support: 1 - Week Phone Follow-up; 30 - Days Email Support

Growth Voucher to invest in your continued growth. (Restrictions apply)




4-Hour Intensive Session