Holiday Sale

We're Having A Sale

Holiday Sale

Yes, JTBM is having a sale but not just for a couple of days.  Our sale is for 25  31 days.  That's Right: No Misprint!!! I really do want you to succeed in the New Year.

Therefore, you still have time to catch a great deal, and the best part this deal benefits YOU.  I know this is the season of giving, which is one reason I'm having this sale, but I also want you to give something to yourself, which is okay.

Remember, YOU must make YOU a priority, and I want to help you with that.  I know quite a few of you have given up on 2015, and proclaimed 2016 to be your year.  And to be honest, ask yourself how many times have you made that statement?  Well, now is your time to really make the upcoming New Year your year and you don't have to wait until January 1, 2016 to get started.  In fact you really need to start now building your momentum and creating a clear/concise strategy.

You can get started now and build the strong foundation that is required to have one of the best year's of your life.  Let's face it.  The reason you have not been successful in the previous year's is because of some missing elements.  Whether that is right mindset, lack of clarity, lack of support and/or accountability. But all of that can change starting today!!

You have until December 25  31, 2015 to invest in your self and take advantage of the savings.

Set Yourself Up To Win....Make 2016 Your Year!!!

Here's How:



My New Book:   Walks you through the 4 Key Pillars, which helps you become your best self, live your best life and create the strong foundation, which is required.

Instead of the regular price of $7.99, you can purchase  for $4.99 during the sale by using the discount code at checkout; YYF6EUUQ


Purchase the Kindle Version



Live Your Best Life You are ready but still a little hesitant, then this may be the program for you.  30ToLife™ is 30 days of focused effort to help you get clear on who you are, HighestYou™, what you want for you life and identify/overcome any roadblocks that has been hindering you.

  For less than what you probably spend on lunch in two days, you can set yourself up to win in 2016.

Sale: $27.00

But wait, the 100% - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee still applies, therefore there is No-Risk to YOU.




You are 100+% ready and committed to making 2016 your year.  You no longer want to waste any more time and is ready to invest in yourself and your future.  Then coaching is the answer. Every successful person has/had a coach to help them accomplish their goals.  You and I are no different

This is not your typical sale because I really do want you to succeed, which is why my 1 and 3 month coaching packages are slashed to unheard of discounts for this length of time.

50% off Both Packages:

                                      1- Month $450.....Now $225

                                        3 - Month $1750.....Now $875

However, since prices are drastically reduced Payment Plan Options are not available.



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!!