Give Yourself The Gift of Love

Hey Beautiful,

The best thing you, me or anyone else can do is give ourselves the Gift of Love.  Truly loving yourself and understanding what that means to you and how that looks. To be honest, in order to fully and truly love someone else, you must fully and truly love yourself, first.

At this point in my life, for me it's about really opening myself up to love in every sense of the word and in all my relationships, being my authentic self,  walking in my truth, consistently taking care of my mind, body and spirit, being able to heal, love unconditionally, enjoy life fully/completely by doing things that I love and brings joy to my heart, not afraid to let go of what doesn't serve me, continued investment in by growth, and so much more.

In fact, earlier today I got an idea  which I titled, "Year of Big Love", which I will be putting in action right away.  My year officially starts today, because I don't want to overthink this idea but instead just act and feel.

One of the actions, I will be taking is blogging about my year, so stay connected.  Right now I don't have any particular format/timing.  I'm just going to let it flow. But enough about me....

I want to know are you giving yourself the Gift of Love. What does this mean to you?  Seriously, I want to know so leave a comment...

PS - The Mommy-or-Not Love Gift is a great gift, if you are the woman who is ready to Unleash Her, Walking in Her Power and Purpose and Create Her Extraordinary Life. The life you desire and keep dreaming about but for various reasons have not been able to Make It Happen.

Part of loving yourself, is doing what you love, which includes your work and fulfilling your Purpose.  I am a firm believer that, until we Walk in Our Purpose, true fulfillment won't take place.  We will always feel like something is missing from our lives... Maybe you're feeling this way now...

If so, why not give yourself this Love Gift, which you don't have to be a mom in order to take advantage...

This is a Limited Time Offer, so Get Your Gift Now....

Love Patricia

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3 Cs of Living Unleashed

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Circling the Same Mountain

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Some hard truths:

Time for you to stop playing the victim

Take ownership and responsibility for your life and your choices

Time to make a change and Get Unleashed

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