5 Tips To SHINE From The Inside, Out

I'm sure we've all heard the saying, "You look good, you feel good" and this is true in some regards, but why chance it. Start on the inside and make it SHINE, so that you're shining all the time, INSIDE and OUT.
When you are broken, filled with emotional baggage, drowning in limiting beliefs, & low value of self, no amount of material things and/or makeup is going to make you SHINE like you should. All you're doing is wearing a mask.

I know because I wore one for quite some time. The outside I looked good (or so I thought), but inside I was a mess, and it really did affect how I showed up.

To be honest I wasn't fully showing up for the life I desired.  I was just running on autopilot and robbing myself of light, love, peace and most all true happiness.

Because I'm sure you've also heard the saying, "What's on the inside will eventually show on the outside".  Therefore, start shining on the inside, so you will always be shining on the outside with these five tips:

  • Release/Heal You by forgiving, letting go of the baggage, brokenness
  • Challenge/Identify/Replace limiting beliefs
  • Raise Your SELF Bar (confidence, love, & value): You are God's beautiful creation and meant to be a success. See yourself as He sees you.
  • Daily mindset practice - prayer, journaling, meditation/listening, reading/feeling into your new beliefs/affirmations
  • Self-Care routine

SECRET: Everything starts on the inside even the SUCCESS (however you define it) starts on the inside, with your Most Valuable Asset: Your Mind.


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Top 3 Must Haves To Heal Your Inner Self

Top 3 Must Haves To Heal Your Inner Self

There are three must haves in order to start healing your inner self.  Those 3 things are awareness, acknowledgement and forgiveness.

  1. Awareness – You can’t start the healing process unless you are aware that you need healing. So many of us have lived with our hurt, pain and disappointments for so long that we’ve now accepted it as the norm.  But in order for your Highest You to shine, then you will have to let go of your blanket (hurt/pain/disappointments) and create a new norm.  A norm where you are operating at your Highest Self; the person you were meant to be all along.  A person that loves and respects herself, clear about what she wants for her life and her purpose in life.

If you do not journal, then I urge you to start today.  Journaling is a      great way to identify patterns/cycles in your life, and is also very          therapeutic.


  1. Acknowledge – When you acknowledge that you need healing, that in and of itself starts the process. Acknowledgment says yes I am aware that I need healing and I am ready to heal.  I am ready to be my best and live my best life.  You can be aware that you need healing but never acknowledge and take action to start the healing process.  This can be due to various reasons, but the biggest one is fear.  We’ve allowed fear to become our shield, when in fact it is robbing us of an awesome, happy and fulfilled life.


  1. Forgiveness – Let me, just say that there is no healing without forgiveness. You must forgive those that have hurt you and caused you pain and/or disappointment, as well as forgive yourself.  You may also have to ask others to forgive you, if you are the one that has caused the hurt/pain/disappointment.  As I have stated before, forgiving others is not about letting them off the hook, but it’s about you taking back your power and freeing yourself, so that you can move forward.  This applies to forgiving yourself as well.  If you have been walking around with your blanket of hurt/pain/disappointment, you have given away your power and got stuck in the valley, playing victim.  I know that for some this may be hard to hear and you’re not ready to let go of your blanket, but we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Therefore, the time is now to start your healing and your BestMeBestLife™ journey. To be your Highest You; the person God intended you to be from the start.


Are you ready to have a happy and fulfilled life? 


"Don't let your dreams die with you"


I have been there.  I have been in the place where I didn’t know I needed healing and mindset change.  I have been in the place where I was aware but didn’t acknowledge and take the responsibility and action to heal my inner self.  I have been in the place where I started my healing journey but left out forgiveness, and let me tell you that once I forgave others, as well as myself, the healing truly began.  Therefore, I know that these 3 must haves are crucial if you want to heal your inner self.

No matter what stage you’re in life, it is never too late to heal your inner self and start your BestMeBestLife™ journey.

To truly live your best life, you have to be your best you; Highest You.





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