Top 5 Ways To Go From Monday Blues To Make It Happen Monday

Have you been suffering from the Monday Blues long enough? I remember when the Monday Blues was a constant theme for me.  It was only when I decided to get serious and take complete ownership of my life. I had a desire for MORE for my life and deep down knew that I was meant Read More


Conversation With A Stranger

Hey Lady, Sometimes, it takes having a conversation with a complete stranger in order, to get your stuff together and/or hear some good ole truth about yourself. Well, it did for me anyway. Having conversations with a complete stranger has helped me to stop making excuses, dive deeper and uncover limiting beliefs, push myself to Read More


Breakout In Order To Break Through

Hey Beautiful, Why not make this new month your Breakout Month? Can you believe it is August already? We have four months left in 2017, so let’s make them count.  Let’s finish strong together. Maybe you said this was your year but find yourself in the same place, as when the year started.  Don’t fret Read More