5 Tips To SHINE From The Inside, Out

I'm sure we've all heard the saying, "You look good, you feel good" and this is true in some regards, but why chance it. Start on the inside and make it SHINE, so that you're shining all the time, INSIDE and OUT.
When you are broken, filled with emotional baggage, drowning in limiting beliefs, & low value of self, no amount of material things and/or makeup is going to make you SHINE like you should. All you're doing is wearing a mask.

I know because I wore one for quite some time. The outside I looked good (or so I thought), but inside I was a mess, and it really did affect how I showed up.

To be honest I wasn't fully showing up for the life I desired.  I was just running on autopilot and robbing myself of light, love, peace and most all true happiness.

Because I'm sure you've also heard the saying, "What's on the inside will eventually show on the outside".  Therefore, start shining on the inside, so you will always be shining on the outside with these five tips:

  • Release/Heal You by forgiving, letting go of the baggage, brokenness
  • Challenge/Identify/Replace limiting beliefs
  • Raise Your SELF Bar (confidence, love, & value): You are God's beautiful creation and meant to be a success. See yourself as He sees you.
  • Daily mindset practice - prayer, journaling, meditation/listening, reading/feeling into your new beliefs/affirmations
  • Self-Care routine

SECRET: Everything starts on the inside even the SUCCESS (however you define it) starts on the inside, with your Most Valuable Asset: Your Mind.


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3 Cs of Living Unleashed

There are 3 Key Cs required for Living Unleashed and Creating Your Dream Life By Design.

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Circling the Same Mountain

Do you find yourself encountering the same problem over and over again?  If yes, then it's time to stop circling the same mountain.

Some hard truths:

Time for you to stop playing the victim

Take ownership and responsibility for your life and your choices

Time to make a change and Get Unleashed

Check out the video for what you need to do, in order to stop circling the same mountain.  Your life is way too important to continue to waste time.


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