Give Yourself Permission To Be Greater Than Your Fears

Fear can be a very debilitating thing if we allow it, and it keeps us stuck in a life we really don't want.

But today, I want to challenge you to give yourself PERMISSION to be greater than your fears.

In all honesty, you only need PERMISSION from one person: YOU.  When it comes to the life you truly desire, it is you that have to give yourself PERMISSION.  Because it is you that have to put in the work to make your DREAM a reality.

What others think, do and/or say becomes a non-factor, and you cannot allow others to keep you stuck in a life you don't want.  Most often, it is our own fears, which keep us from giving ourselves PERMISSION to live our DREAMS.

Giving myself PERMISSION was one of the biggest, hardest, scariest and the best decision I have ever made.  It was all these things because I know longer wanted to settle for a life I didn't want, and I knew that some of my family and friends wouldn't understand/agree with my decision.  But this was a decision I had to make for me.  You see I don't want to come to the end of my life and have it filled with regrets, because I didn't take action. I didn't pursue my God-given DREAM/ Walk in My Purpose.


What Giving Yourself Permission Looks Like:

- Saying Yes to your DREAMS

- Getting clear about what you want & why

- Stop settling for things/people you don't want

- Invest all your resources into making your DREAM a reality

- Get help when needed

- Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive, success-minded people

- Believing in & committing to your DREAM each day

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