3 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait Until January 1

Can you believe that it is November and we have less than sixty days left?  I know it's bananas and unfortunately, most of us have just given up on this year, but now is not the time to Give Up.

I want to share 3 reasons why you should not wait until January 1, to start/re-start Creating Your Extraordinary Life, but instead Start Now.

Reason 1: Getting Caught Up in the New Year Hype

Waiting until January 1 will more than likely make you a victim of the New Year hype.  Maybe you have already fallen prey and this is just a friendly reminder. Btw, I was a victim for years until I decided to take control. There's something about the prospect of a New Year and having everyone all hyped-up about and confessing that this is going to be their year.  Only to end up at the same place come the end of the year. No more being a victim but instead be a victor and live life victoriously, as we are meant to do.

Reason 2: No Perfect Time

Let's face it.  There will be no perfect time and/or situation to start Creating Your Extraordinary Life, so why not start now.  If you're waiting for everything to be just right, it will never be and you will find yourself always in waiting mode.  Let you in, on a little secret: You Already Have Everything You Need To Start Now.

Reason 3: Create Momentum Now

How you finish is how you will start.  Start now and create momentum now.  Build momentum by taking action on the Life You Desire now and steam roll right into 2018 like a Boss, because you are the Boss of You.

Even with the biggest holiday season around the corner, there is still plenty of time for you to accomplish at least one goal, if that one goal is just to map out your Extraordinary Life.

If you're ready to Start Now and not wait til January 1, then grab your ToolKit today.

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