Top 5 Ways To Go From Monday Blues To Make It Happen Monday

Have you been suffering from the Monday Blues long enough?

I remember when the Monday Blues was a constant theme for me.  It was only when I decided to get serious and take complete ownership of my life.

I had a desire for MORE for my life and deep down knew that I was meant for MORE, but ignored the desire and pushed it down until I couldn't anymore.

I finally took ownership and decided that I would pursue my DREAM, no matter what.

The 5 Steps below really helped me go from Monday Blues to Make It Happen Monday:

  • Create Your Vision - You have to take time and get clear about what you really want and why.  If you don't have a Vision for your life, then you are just existing and letting life just happen to you.  Commit to your Vision each day.


  • Success Mindset - Having the right mindset is crucial, because everything starts there, first.  Mindset is like a muscle that needs to be worked consistently and in this case daily, in order to build it properly.  Limiting beliefs, fear, ego, pride and any other negativity must go.


  • Attitude of Gratitude - I'm sure you have heard this before, but having the right attitude makes all the difference.  The right attitude is positive and grateful for where you are and what you already have in life.  It opens the door for you to receive so much more.


  • Winning With Your Plan A - Your Plan A is your Vision converted into goals.  Therefore, you don't need any other plan.  Your focus should be on your Vision/Plan each day.


  • Action, Action - Of course to accomplish anything requires action.  Taking action each day on your Plan A is key.  This is not busy work, but action that helps you accomplish goals and make progress on your Vision.



Bonus: Invest in yourself and your DREAM.  You are not an island, so get the help that you need and get an accountability partner.  Surround yourself with positive, supportive, success-minded people.


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