Breakout In Order To Break Through

Hey Beautiful,

Why not make this new month your Breakout Month?

Can you believe it is August already? We have four months left in 2017, so let's make them count.  Let's finish strong together.

Maybe you said this was your year but find yourself in the same place, as when the year started.  Don't fret and/or beat yourself up.   Maybe you have been praying for a breakthrough and nothing has happened, yet?

I have learned from my own experience that you have to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in your breakthrough and Creating Your Extraordinary Life by design.  Don't get me wrong, I am all for prayer. It is a must every day.  However, some consistent action is required on our part.

The time is NOW for you to be an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT and Breakout so you can Break Through the life of mediocrity that has been dogging your heals.

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