#1 Paradigm Shift You Need To Make About Life

Do you believe that life is happening to you?  Are you always asking Why? Why this keeping happening to me?  Why I can't get ahead? Why is this not working?  Do you find yourself having the same/similar experiences in life?

Lol, I know it is a lot questions and if you answered YES, then there is a SHIFT you need to make about life.  It was only when my coach spoke this word to me is when I had my light bulb moment and made the SHIFT.


Life Is Happening To Me


Life is Happening For Me

As you can see/feel, For Me has a whole different meaning than To Me.  To Me has a hint of blaming, and we know blaming gets us no where in life.

For Me puts the ownership back on you, and in order to Unleash You, Walk in Your Power & Purpose and Create Your Extraordinary Life By design, you must take ownership of you and your life.

When you make this SHIFT, ask yourself these 3 questions about any experience in your life, especially when things are not working and/or you're not getting the results you desire:

  • What is the lesson/message?

  • What is the opportunity?

  • How can I use this to help others?

Nugget: That last question is gold.

The sooner you start operating with this mindset, the faster you can make progress in your life and create the life you desire.

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