How My 21-Day Workout Challenge Became So Much More

As you know or maybe not, I kicked off my "Year of Big" Love back in May. You can catch the kickoff video here, which talks about why and all that good stuff.

Well in June, I decided to Challenge myself to workout 21 days straight. I did this for several reasons:

  • Jumpstart my weight loss

  • Get myself back in the groove of working out

  • Shock my body

  • Be able to zip and button my Ralph Lauren linen pants

  • Prove to myself that I could finish. ¬†You see I had started a 21 challenge and made it to day 16 and just stopped

I am proud to say that I accomplished everything listed above and then some. The Challenge became so much than just working out.

Checkout the video to see all that I gain by Challenging myself:

Btw, I didn't have any set exercises.  However the majority of my workouts where treadmill (jog/walk intervals) and yoga (Yoga X from P90X).

How are you challenging you in order to develop, grow and evolve into the best highest/best version of you?


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