What Is Your Truth?

What is your truth?  Well, only you can answer that, but let's start by stating what your truth is not.

Your truth is not your current station in life. Your truth is not your mistakes, not your past and/or the lies you have been told, which are now ingrained in your subconscious mind and keeping you stuck in mediocrity land.

Your truth at it's core is that you are God's, Beautiful Creation and your life has meaning and purpose. (Let this truly sink in/meditate on it).

What is that purpose? You have to discover it as you Discover You.  Just like your purpose, your truth is not outside of you, but within you. How do you discover your truth?

Let go of all the things and/or people that does not serve your highest good. You know those things/people that are draining the life from you. Consistently, spend quiet and quality time with you, getting tuned in and turned on to you: your inner spirit. Here is where all the answers reside, your intuition, the voice that whispers to you and guide you along your journey. By asking yourself key questions concerning you, what you believe, your purpose...etc.

Will you dare take a chance and discover your truth and walk in it?


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