Let's get right down to it: the heart of why you are not Walking in Your Power & Purpose and Living Your Extraordinary Life.

The heart of the matter is your head. In other words, it's what's going on in your mind: Your Subconscious Mind.

Whether you believe it or agree, your subconscious mind is the driver.  No matter what you consciously say you want, if your subconscious is not in agreement it just won't happen.

I am speaking from experience and from research. Our Belief System is stored in our subconscious, which is why it is the driver.  If you have limiting beliefs, which creates fear and negativity, you will always find yourself either not taking any action or self-sabotaging your efforts.

It wasn't until I got to the heart of the matter that I realized why I couldn't accomplish my goals and create the life I desired. Either I allowed fear keep me from taking action and/or I kept sabotaging myself/efforts.  I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me. The truth is nothing was wrong with me, other than my Belief System was filled with alot of bullsh**t that was keeping me from Walking in My Power & Purpose. Is it safe to say this is what got you, as well?

Break the cycle, get to the heart of the matter and leave the band-aids alone (temporary solutions). Get yourself Unstuck and On Track to Making 2017 one of your best years yet:

1. Identify/Replace limiting beliefs
2. Incorporate daily mindset practice.  Make sure this include visualization
3. Get absolutely clear about what you want: Your Plan A
4. Act As If you already have what you want
5. Surround yourself with positive, supportive, success-minded people
6. Raise your energy vibration...High Vibes Baby!
7. Own & harness your POWER

Implement these 7 tips and watch how your life transform.


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