How To Keep Your Dream Alive


Have you allowed others or yourself to kill your dream?  If so, it’s now time to resurrect it and achieve it.  Sometimes we allow others or our own limiting beliefs and words, stop us from reaching our dreams, or accomplishing our goals.  I have done this to myself as well, but I’m letting go of the fear, naysayers, beliefs that no longer support/empower me, and moving forward with making my dream/vision a reality.  It’s amazing how a four letter (fear) word has so much power over us, if we allow it.

When it comes to your dreams, unfortunately, everyone will not support or believe in you, but that’s okay.  As long as you believe in yourself and your dream/vision, that’s all that matters.  Your dream was given only to you, so don’t be upset if others don’t support you, and that’s including family.  The bible story of Joseph (beginning at Genesis 37), is a good example of how we should stay focused on our dreams, no matter what the circumstances or difficulties.  Here’s a man that was thrown in a pit and left to die by his brothers, rescued then sold into slavery, falsely accused and imprisoned, but all the while Joseph never gave up on his dream.  And in the end his dream became a reality.  Below are some ways to keep your dream alive:

  • First make sure your dream/vision is yours and is in line with God’s purpose for your life. Not sure about your purpose, then ask God why are you here?  I believe we all have a purpose and as long as we are still alive, there is something we were meant to do, and we still have time to accomplish it.  Your purpose will always be bigger than you.   Also just think about things that you are very passionate about (this could also be a cause that you want to change), that you love doing with ease and get lost in time, when you are doing it.
  • Write it down. Write your vision down or create a vision board.  This is a way for you to stay focused on your dream.
  • Be careful who share your dream with. As stated before, not everyone will support you, and for various reasons, will start raining on your parade.  You don’t want to start doubting yourself or your dream, so limit your interaction with the naysayers.
  • Take action. Taking action is a major key to accomplishing anything you desire for your life.  This is not busy work.  You want to take actions that are moving you closer to reaching your goals.
  • Always operate from a place of love. This may be difficult to do at times, especially with the naysayers, but you have to stay focused, positive, and always come from a place of love.  And most importantly, you have to forgive.  Once again Joseph is a good example.  He did not hold a grudge against his brothers, who threw him in a pit and left him to die, but forgave them, and reunited with his family.
  • Be thankful. No matter what, always be thankful and grateful.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Get connected with people that have achieved what you want to achieve.
  • Be of service and provide value. Make a contribution/impact (this is not just about money), no matter how small you make think it is.
  • Be accountable. Ask yourself daily, Am I living my truths? Get an accountability partner.


As mentioned before, I love this book by Jentezen Franklin, “Believe That You Can”, which I have read 3 times now.   Each time I have gotten something new from it.  It is an awesome book, which talks about the process that a dream goes through, and how to hold on and stay focused.

It’s now or never, to get moving with creating and living the life that you desire and that God wants you to have.  Remember, we are meant to do great things in this life, no matter what our station in life is, or things we have done in our past.  Don’t let others or yourself hold you back any longer.

Don’t Be A Dream Killer!!!


“Being the Best Me”

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  • Kreativity

    The Vision Board is necessary. It helps bring your “vision” to fruition! An deceased friend of my family posted his vision all around his home! He wanted to make sure his vision was carried out and completed. He accomplished all but 2 things from that prior to his death. This is definitely a concept we all should use; whether its’ achieved or not. It’s REALLY up to us! #writingmyownvision#