Just Breathe


Sometimes you just have to breathe.  I mean take some deep breaths and just release.  Especially, when things are going crazy (kids throwing a tantrum, plans gone awry, someone pissing you off, … etc), you really should just take a few deep, deep breaths and just release it , and move on.   There’s really no benefit, in you getting upset and losing control, because typically when you do, the situation only gets worse.  We often say or do something crazy, in a moment of passion, especially when that passion is anger or frustration.

Not only should you just breathe, when times are chaotic, but also when things are just fine.  By getting still and to a place, that is quiet and breathing deeply, helps us to connect, to our inner spirit/inner voice.  This practice helps guide us on our life’s journey, by providing us with answers to questions, new ideas and insight that is already within us.  My belief is that God has already equipped us with everything we need.  We just need to get in tune with ourselves.

This practice has been a part of my life, but sometimes I forget to utilize it, and each time I’ve caused myself unnecessary headache/heartache.  Hey, we are all humans and we slip up every now and then, but I will continue to practice just breathing.  As the saying goes,” practice makes perfect”.

Don’t Forget To Just Breathe!!!

“Being the Best Me”

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