Breakout In Order To Break Through

Hey Beautiful, Why not make this new month your Breakout Month? Can you believe it is August already? We have four months left in 2017, so let’s make them count.  Let’s finish strong together. Maybe you said this was your year but find yourself in the same place, as when the year started.  Don’t fret Read More


What I’m Most Grateful For

I have written and talked about gratitude and I will continue to do so, because it is truly the best way to attract and/or have more of what you desire. Going thru my gratitude list is a part of my Daily Morning Practice, which includes my Mindset Practice. Also, it helps you to put things in perspective Read More


You Are Qualified

Hey Beautiful, Have you been doubting yourself, your abilities, thinking you’re not qualified and/or just not sure if you have anything to offer? Maybe life has beaten you up so much, until you have settled for the status quo and lost your fight. Well, I want to BREATHE life into you now.  Your life has Read More