Top Action To Take Now In Order To Have A Successful 2018

Yes, it’s time to think about 2018, even though we are still in 2017.  Remember, you are a CEO and CEOs don’t wait until the New Year to actually start thinking, planning and preparing for it. Hopefully, by now you have at least started planning what you want to create in 2018.  Another part of planning Read More


Give Yourself Permission To Be Greater Than Your Fears

Fear can be a very debilitating thing if we allow it, and it keeps us stuck in a life we really don’t want. But today, I want to challenge you to give yourself PERMISSION to be greater than your fears. In all honesty, you only need PERMISSION from one person: YOU.  When it comes to Read More


3 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait Until January 1

Can you believe that it is November and we have less than sixty days left?  I know it’s bananas and unfortunately, most of us have just given up on this year, but now is not the time to Give Up. I want to share 3 reasons why you should not wait until January 1, to Read More