How My Hood Mindset Almost Ended My Life

When it comes to our most valuable asset, we often think of something external.  However, I’ve come to learn that our minds are our most valuable asset, and now I treated as such. Not only do I treated as such, but I also started harnessing the power of it, so that it worked for me Read More


Top 3 Reasons Why A Daily Mindset Practice Is Crucial

If you want to uplevel your life, career, business and most definitely your money, then you must uplevel your mindset. I wish I had someone to tell me, to start here first, before I started my journey.  It all starts with our most valuable asset (Our Mind), which is why a Daily Mindset Practice is Read More


How To Rock Your Day By Rocking Your Time

I wish I had more time to do _____________(fill in the blank). I’m sure we’ve all made this statement a time or two.  I know I have. However, what I have come to realize is that it’s really not a time issue that we have, but more of a task management and being disciplined with Read More