About Me

About Patricia

Hello, my name is Patricia, founder of JourneyToBestMe (JTBM).  JTBM all started as a personal blog in 2012.  A way for me to step out of my comfort zone, and share my journey with others, in becoming my best self, so that I can live my best life.  The blog died in 2013, but was resurrected in 2014, which is the same thing that can happen to our dreams.  We can allow our dreams to die and never resurrect them, or resurrect them and make them a reality. The ending date to this journey is when my life ends, here on earth.

If I focused on where I came from, then I would be another statistic. A poor, uneducated, black woman with several kids, but thank God that He instilled in me a desire to be more.  In fact we all have greatness in us, but due to circumstances, family/friends and/or environment and even our own limiting beliefs, we are not pursuing that greatness.  I am no different than anyone else.  It does not matter where you come from, your past and/or where you maybe now in life.  All that matters is that you make a choice, to create a life that you desire and deserve to have; your BestMeBestLife™.  And by the way, God wants you to have that life as well.

I was born in a small, country town, in a county that was declared poor and depressed, and for the first 10 years of my life, lived in a house with no indoor plumbing.  So you could say that my beginning were more than just humble, we were poor, but my mom made sure that we were clean, well fed and taken care of.  As far as I can remember, I always wanted more for my life and I was a nerd, which led to me being teased throughout my teenage years.  However, that desire led me to be the first in my family, to graduate from college, which increased my desire to open myself up, to the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

I have over 20 years of experience in the information technology field, with experience in software development, business analysis, leadership, project management, training and IT management, which also includes creating and teaching a computer-programming, training course for a non-profit organization.   I was also bitten by the entrepreneurial bug along the way, and been a part of several businesses prior to JTBM.

Somewhere along the way, my work in corporate America, had long lost its zeal, even before I resigned in 2010.  That desire to be more and do work that made a positive impact had been pushed down for way too long, and would not allow me to ignore it anymore.

I had long started my journey into personal development, but actually kicked it up a notch, when I decided to leave my “safe”, corporate job, and pursue my dream of entrepreneurship, in 2010.  However, at the time that I left, I did not have a clear plan/vision for my life (don’t advise this), and I have had some bumps, bruises and even fell into depression. But the lessons I have learned during these times are invaluable and I needed to learn them, in order for me to move, to the next level of my life.  I am whole-heartedly, committed to creating my life’s vision, living my purpose and serving the people that I am meant to serve. It is the only way to truly have a life of happiness and fulfillment.


JTBM's Mission


Hence the reason JTBM is more than just a blog, but my business.  It allows me to accomplish two goals: entrepreneurship and doing work that I love, as a transformational life coach, which makes a positive impact in the lives of women all over the world.  JTBM is now more than just me sharing my journey, which I will continue to do, but being a catalyst for women, who are serious and ready to start their own BestMeBestLife™ journey.

We only get one life, here on this earth, and now is the time to become your best self and live your best life.  No more putting it off, making excuses or thinking that we will live a long life. I strongly believe that it is never too late to create a life you desire.  Each new day, that you are allowed to see, is an opportunity to make a choice, to live a fulfilled life.  A life where you are thriving: not just surviving.

JTBM’s mission is to empower, inspire, motivate and support other women, on their journey, which in turn continues to inspire, motivate and help me grow on my journey.  This journey is all about unleashing and operating at the highest version of YOU.  The person that has been there all along, but for whatever reason has not been unleashed so that she can shine like the morning sun, which she was always meant to do.

JTBM's vision is to build a positive and supportive on and offline community, for women who are ready to unleash their HighestYou™ and start their BestMeBestLife journey.

However, JTBM is not for every woman, only the woman that is:

  • Truly sick and tired, of letting life pass her by and want/desire more for her life
  •   Ready to take control of her life,
  • Not living a fulfilled/purposeful life
  • Tired of watching others accomplish their dreams: wishing, hoping and wondering why they can’t.  I’m here to tell you that you can.
  • Ready to make a positive impact in this world and leave something for the future generation


Make the choice today, to start your journey, whether you partner with me or someone else.

Patricia - BestMeBestLife™ Strategist