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Above all, be the heroine in your life, not the victim.Nora Ephron

Hello Beautiful,

Are you Ready to Re-Purpose Your Past in order to Create Your Extraordinary Future?

I am Patricia, a Mindset & Purposeful Living Coach, speaker, author, light bearer, positivity seeker and all-around lover of life, who love helping women to take her old(past) and create her new(Extraordinary Life).

And we know that all things work together for thy good to them that love God, and who are called according to His purpose


We all have a purpose in this life and all of our experiences are meant to be used for a greater good.

You are in the right place if...

  • you are ready to Unleash You, because you know you are meant for so much more in this life
  • you are ready to Release your energy draining 9-to-5
  • you are ready to do work that Lights Up Your Soul & Get Paid for it
  • you are ready to Share your Greatness & make a positive impact
  • you are ready to fill the void because you are out of alignment with your purpose & Live Fierce, Fabulous & Fulfilled

I feel your pain because I was in this place not so long ago.  I lived for the weekend and start dreading Monday, on a Sunday. Constantly late for work or if I showed up at all.

Even though, I had the "good" corporate job making six figures, the work just did not light up my soul. The desire for a more fulfilling life, work that had meaning and made an impact, just wouldn't go away, no matter how I tried to ignore it. Something was missing...


You see I was out of alignment with my purpose, with God's purpose for my life.  Can you relate?

Even though I was out of alignment, I continued to allow fear of failing and/or being visible, limiting beliefs, low self-worth and comfort, keep me stuck and playing small, until I just couldn't continue on that path.

My soul was slowly dying

I truly believe that until we step into our Purpose, we will never be completely happy and/or fulfilled. It will always feel like something is missing.

I leaped from my 9-to-5 into my journey of discovering my Purpose, because I wasn't clear what it was.  It took some time, or should I say a couple of years because when I leapt, I didn't have some key things(clear plan, mentor/coach, mindset practice, accountability, support...just to name a few) in place. This caused me to stumble and fall into depression, until I decided to get my sh*t together and get back in the game.

I still wanted my DREAM

I worked on raising my SELF (worth, love & confidence) BAR, getting clear about what I wanted, harnessing the POWER of our Most Valuable Asset: Our Mind, and taking action. The steps I took in this work, as well as some other work, is now part of what I call "3F Living" Framework: Fierce, Fabulous & Fulfilled.

I want to help keep you from making the mistakes I made by sharing this framework with you.



Has it been a smooth ride? Of course not!  As the saying goes, "Nothing worth having ever comes easy", but it is so worth it. Now, I am excited about each day, doing work that Lights Up My Soul, Getting Paid for it and Making a Positive Impact in the lives of women, who are in the same place I used to be.

The Void Is Gone!!!

And guess what...

It's all because I am Re-Purposing my past (old) in order to Create my Extraordinary Life (new).

I would love to help you do the same thing...

I am very passionate about helping my clients:

  • Move beyond fear, which has kept her stuck in a job of inconvenience

  • Stop feeling lost, overwhelmed and/or confused about her life

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Live a happy and fulfilled life

  • Walk in her purpose: Do work that Lights Up Her Soul

  • Get paid for her soul's work

  • Wake up each day excited about life

  • Make an impact in this world

  • Harness the POWER of Her Mind, so that it works for her and not against her

Ready to Unleash You & Re-Purpose Your Past in order to Create Your Extraordinary Future?

"Don't miss your life, because you are afraid to heed the call on your life."

Your Circle of Influence plays a major role in your life, which is why it is crucial to check your circle and make any necessary changes. Your circle should be filled with positive, supportive, success-minded individuals.

Therefore, I would like to personally invite you to Join the Inner Circle.  

Not only do you get to connect with other positive and supportive women, but I am constantly in the circle as well, providing tips, tools, information and Q&A. Expanding your Circle of Influence is part of the 3F Living Framework as well.


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