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Ready to make the shift from a job of convenience to doing work that lights up your soul and get paid for it? "Abso-Freaking-lutely" Yes, you say, then you are in the right place. You know you are meant for so much more in this life, want to do work that has meaning and make a positive impact. I feel you and I want you to know that it is all possible.

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Just need a jumpstart to Reboot Your Life, then 30ToLife™ is just the program for you. This 30 day program will help you release barriers, gain clarity on what you want for your life, shift your mindset and get the ball rolling on Creating Your Life By Design. Most of all there is Zero Risk to You, because of the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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Desire a little motivation, inspiration and helpful tips and advice, then checkout the blog. Filled with articles which helps with the 4 Key Pillars of Becoming Your Best Self and Living Your Best Life.

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Above all, be the heroine in your life, not the victim.Nora Ephron

Hello Beautiful,

Welcome to the Journey!!!

I am Patricia, Mindset & Purposeful Living Strategist, speaker, author, light bearer, positivity seeker and all-around lover of life.

You are in the right place, if you are ready to heed the call on your life and shift from a job of convenience, to doing work that lights up your soul, make an impact and get paid doing it.

I feel your pain because I was in this place not so long ago.  I lived for the weekend and start dreading Monday, on a Sunday. Constantly late for work or if I showed up at all.

Even though, I had the "good" corporate job making six figures, the work just did not light up my soul. The desire for a more fulfilling life, work that had meaning and made an impact, just wouldn't go away, no matter how I tried to ignore it.

For a long time, because of fear of failing and/or being visible, limiting beliefs, low self-worth and comfort, I pushed this desire down until I just couldn't push it anymore.  I was unhappy and unfulfilled.

You see, we all have a higher call on our lives, and until we step into this calling, we will never be completely happy and fulfilled. Therefore, I heeded the call and started pursuing my dream.  I worked on raising my SELF (worth, love & confidence) BAR, getting clear about what I wanted, harnessing the POWER of our Most Valuable Asset: Our Mind, and taking action.


Has it been a smooth ride? Of course not!  As the saying goes, "Nothing worth having ever comes easy", but it is so worth it. Now, I am excited about each day, because I'm doing work that I love, getting paid for it and making a positive impact.

I want to help you make the shift from a job of convenience to doing work that you truly love and get paid for it.


I am very passionate about helping my clients:

  • Move beyond fear, which has kept her stuck in a job of convenience

  • Stop feeling lost, overwhelmed and/or confused about her life

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Live a happy and fulfilled life

  • Walk in her purpose: Do work she loves

  • Get paid for her soul's work

  • Wake up each day excited about life

  • Make an impact in this world

  • Harness the POWER of Her Mind, so that it works for her and not against her

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"Don't miss your life, because you are afraid to heed the call on your life."

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Mindset Monday: Episode 115

Time to start harnessing the POWER of your Most Valuable Asset, Your Mind, so that it works for you, in Creating Your Dream Life By Design.



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