Waiting for Permission


Are you waiting for permission: Permission to step up and become your best self and live your best life?  Well, let me let you in, on a little secret, YOU DON’T NEED ANYONE’S PERMISSION.

That is right.  It is your life.  No one can live your life for you, but you; no matter how hard they may try.  Release the fear and need for validation/permission and get busy defining your BestMeBestLife™.

I have already talked about living life with no regrets, and if you continue to wait for permission, you most definitely will have regrets.  Repeat after me: I release the need to have validation and/or permission, before I start living life fully.

Now get busy living!




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Take the Labels Off


No, I am not talking about clothes.  However, some of them need to be removed as well.  I am not bashing, because there is nothing wrong with wanting/having nice things (I want/have them), but don’t become a label whore, at the detriment of your BestMeBestLife™. Remember they are just things.  Have the right perspective and priorities.

I am talking about the labels that we have attached to ourselves, or have allowed others and society to place on us.  There are so many negative labels, that we have bought into, that keeps us stuck and playing small.  Listen to me, they are all lies.  The only limitations are the ones you put on yourself.

We create those limitations by our words and thoughts.  I cannot stress this enough, It all starts with the mind; Your Most Valuable Asset.   And why would you want to add more negative labels to yourself, especially us women?  There is one label that I truly hate, that is a woman labeling herself as a “Bad Bitch”.  What is this craziness?  A few things happen, when we constantly think/speak this way:

  • Play into the stereotypes that society has placed on us
  • Increasing and/or confirming our negative beliefs and mindset
  • Create limitations/barriers

However, not all labels are bad.  There is one label that I want to always keep.  And that is I am God’s child; His beautiful creation.  When I truly think and meditate on this one, and understand who God is, it empowers me, and reminds me that I am equipped to create my BestMeBestLife™.  Not saying that it will be an easy journey, but I know that I am divinely supported, protected and connected to the Creator.  Therefore, I have His grace, which is sufficient.

Take the time to reflect and see what negative labels you have placed on yourself, and are they keeping you stuck and playing small.  Are they limiting you from becoming your best: self and life?  If the answer is yes, then remove them immediately.






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The Past Is Just That: The Past


Yes that is correct!  The past is just that; the past.  So please leave it there.  You cannot go back and change it.  Repeat that sentence, please.

There are so many of us that are still stuck in the past, and don’t even realize it.  We are constantly reminiscing about how things used to be, or the so-called, “good” times of the past.  Not realizing that we are not growing because we haven’t let go of the past.  The other side is being stuck in the past by the bad times.  But either way we have not released our hold on the past, and have become victims.  It is time to let go, and look forward to a brighter future.

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.  Behold, I will do a new thing;  now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? ….”   Isaiah 43:18,19


The above verse is my mantra now.  Because at one point, I was constantly finding myself, thinking how my lifestyle used to be, when I had a steady income, or how much fun I had in my late 20s and 30s.  Thankfully, after finding this verse and getting my mind back on track, I am looking forward, all the while being present in the now.  We often think that the good times are in the past, but when you become your best self and start living your best life, those times are in the future.

Not saying that you should forget your past, but just stop living there.  Use the past to learn and grow, so that you can make better choices, and create an even brighter tomorrow.

“Life is divided into three terms – that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present, to live better in the future”.

                                        ~ William Wordsworth





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Checking In


Happy Sunday!!! Start of a new week and a new month. You know that I normally don’t post on weekends, but once again another perfect day for this post. I titled this “Checking In”, because it is the first day of March: the last month, in the first quarter, of this New Year. And it is the month, which a new season starts (Spring). Whew, time keeps rolling on!
In my post, Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail, I talked about planning your week, and the best day to that is Sunday. In this post, not only do I want to re-iterate planning, but to check in with you. Are you still on track with reaching your goals? Have you even taken the first step, which is to make the decision that you want to become your best self and live your best life? If the answer to either question is no, then I challenge you now, to take action and change the answers to yes. If I can help support you, in turning your answers to yes, please feel free to contact me. If the answers to the questions are yes, then I applaud you, and let’s keep each other lifted up so that we can succeed together.
If you have started your journey, you are on the path to turning the old you into the new you: the one that you were created to ID-100111557be, all along. If you have not, then there is no better time than now. Let this be the new month and season, that you start your journey: the journey to become your best self and live your best life. The spring season has often been associated with cleaning/cleansing (Spring cleaning). You can start today, by cleaning/cleansing/clearing out old habits and beliefs, negative mindsets and negative words that will no longer support you, on your new journey. Remember set yourself up to win, my taking control of your mind and thoughts, which is where the battle begins. This is really not as complicated as some have made it out to be, but it does require daily work on your part. Conquering our mind is a daily task. You have to be aware of your words and thoughts, so that when the negative ones show up, you recognize them, for what they are (fear and a mechanism to keep you stuck), and dispute them. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities, no matter what others say, or what you have done or said in the past.
Time waits for no one, and Now is the time!!!

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win”.
– Zig Ziglar

If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
– Jim Rohn





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Become Your Best Self, Live Your Best Life